Sell Your Business

Selling 101

Pre-Selling – Things To Consider

  • Sellers must walk a fine line between giving too much information that could potentially fall into the wrong hands of your competition and not enough to intrigue potential buyers
  • A safe thought to keep in mind as you write your listing is the “Duck On the Pond” Approach. What’s obvious to the eye and visible by all differs behind the scenes or under the surface (where the ducks legs are paddling like crazy) and only visible to those looking deeper
  • Every kid that has ever used any form of social media has been told since day 1 “Don’t Disclose Personal Information to the public online”. Sound advice, think hard about what pictures, addresses and other ‘secret sauce’ receipts your including for all of the world to see before adding them in
  • As a part b to the above, pictures are very important but be cautious as to what they show. General inside photos of the offices, kitchens, common areas and the like are usually s safer choice over store fronts, signs and addresses so use good discretion.

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