Sell Your Business

Why Sell With Duenos

Time to Sell Your Business – How??

  • Use an accountant or lawyer
    • On Average you’ll pay them somewhere between 10%-20% of the total sale price (and that’s if the’re even willing to try to sell it for you. Most we spoke with were interested or at best would take the business only to refer to to someone else)
  • Use an Actual “Business Broker” – Yes they do exist. Sort of. and not everywhere but they charge typically 10-12% of the fact and for what? to be listed on anonymous website?
  • A commercial realtor will charge 4-6% on average (One that specializing in businesses more likely 6-8%) and only if it meets their criteria. That nice guy or girl that sold your niece her condo. But ask them what your gap gains exemption or ACB is and you will start to see why.

With Duenos regardless if your business sells for $100,000 or a $1 Million you pay a simple 1 time fee of $1195+GST. That’s it!! And the best part is you retain total control of how much of your business you show/give away to ‘soft buyers’ kicking the tires. To whom you allow more info/access to your ‘back office’ or ‘secret sauce recipe’ or your finances.

Don’t know what ACB Is? No problem we give you full access to the terminology, various business and the tax calculators and great little FYI’s and helpful hints to help you along the way and again only $1195+gst NOT 10’s of 1000’s of your profit retirement money $$$!!!

Hired Seller DUENOS
Free Internet Exposure 24/7 ? Yes
Control of Info, Contacts and On site visits ? Yes
Discretion of your Finances, Trade secrets, contacts and clients ? Yes
FYI’s about the selling process ? Yes
Access 24/7 to helpful sales tools ? Yes
Working at your pace regardless if you want it sold in 2 months or 2 years ? Yes
Ability to set meetings with real potential buyers where and when you are able and NOT I know the restaurant is full at lunch time but i’d still like to show it to them and maybe let them hangout in your kitchen for a while. ? Yes
Up front 1 time low cost with the ability to change your sales strategy at any time ? Yes
On Going TBD Future Costs Yes Never

Sure after you find the right buyer you may still want professional advise from your accountant or lawyer but doesn’t it make more sense pay them a few $100’s then $1000’s and $1000’s to do exactly what you are already doing?

In the end who is going to sell your business better or work harder to sell it then you, the owner, regardless if you hire someone else or not? So why would offer all that hard earned money to someone else to shadow you?

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